Education Suppliers in Tuvalu

There are no prominent suppliers of school resources operating in Tuvalu and most educational supplies are imported. However Motufoua SS (MSS), one of Tuvalu’s main schools, has a low provision for resources and very little money is allocated to school supplies. There are substantial resource issues and texts are often outdated or inappropriate. ICT is also very limited, with MSS having access to only three computers, a fax machine and a phone. In a list of priorities for NZ Aid funds, it was found that the University of the South Pacific has reportedly better supplies than MSS, with its own laboratory and technician. The centre is much smaller and only has 34 students currently attending compared to MSS which has around 430 students and no laboratory (2004). A major development in the educational supplies sector is the donation of language software by Imagine Learning.  The educational software company donated software worth over US$30,000, along with school supplies to the Tuvalu Project, which is an initiative to improve education on the island nation of Tuvalu by helping children of Tuvalu learn English.