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There are around 150 licensed insurance companies (2004) operating on Antigua and Barbuda, eight of which cover life insurance business, while 45 of them are committed to general insurance matters. The income of the annual insurance premium varies between 4 and 7% of the country’s GDP, depending on the respective jurisdiction. Due to the International Business Corporations Act (1982), offshore banking is allowed, so that foreign insurance corporations also work on the islands. There is a part-funded national insurance system established in Antigua and Barbuda and plans for a National Health Insurance Scheme were made in 2011. The contribution rate to social security accounts for some 4% of the employee and 5% of the employer. The local Social Security Board is based in St. John’s, Antigua.

Insurance and Reinsurance organisations in Antigua and Barbuda
Bryson's Insurance Agency
Ira Archibald Insurance
Travellers Life Insurance Co.
Wilco Agencies