National Agencies

National agencies in The Bahamas are publicly funded bodies, commissions, state-owned enterprises or authorities whose establishment is often backed by an Act of Parliament. They include, among others, The Bahamas Investment Authority, tasked with the promotion and facilitation of investment; the Securities Commission of The Bahamas, which is responsible for the supervision and regulation of the activities of the investment funds, securities and capital markets; and the Airport Authority, which manages and develops the country’s airport infrastructure.

National Agencies organisations in Bahamas, The
Auditor General
Bahamas Association of Athletics Associations
Bahamas Environment, Science and Technology Commission
Bahamas Football Association
Bahamas Historical Society
Bahamas International Securities Exchange
Bahamas Investment Authority
Bahamas Maritime Authority
Bahamas Meteorology Department
Bahamas National Commission for UNESCO
Bahamas National Trust
Bahamas Rugby Union
Bahamas Sailing Association
Bahamas Swimming Federation
Central Bank of the Bahamas
Ministry of Youth & Culture
Nassau Yacht Club, The
National Tennis Centre, The
The Cayman Islands Investment Bureau
The College of The Bahamas
The Grand Bahama Port Authority
The Royal Bahamas Police Force