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The financial sector in Belize offers a range of services provided by a variety of institutions, including banks, insurance companies, building societies, credit unions, providers of international business services and the government owned Development Finance Corporation (DFC). Belize has a relatively small population and private sector, and thus a small local banking sector with five commercial banks, not including those that are classed as offshore (2011). Three of the commercial banks are native – Heritage Bank, Atlantic Bank, and Belize Bank – and the other two are multinational subsidiaries – ScotiaBank and First Caribbean Bank. Belize Bank, owned by BCB Holdings, is the largest bank with some 40% market share (2010). Offshore banks which are not subject to local taxes or exchange controls include Atlantic International Bank, British Caribbean International Bank (also owned by BCB Holdings), Caye International Bank, and Heritage International Bank & Trust Limited. Official policy supported development of offshore financial activities from the 1990s. ;Belize offers a number of advantages as an offshore centre, including tax exemption, low registration costs and a flexible trust law that facilitates asset protection trusts. The financial system also incorporates other elements such as building societies and a domestic mutual fund. The DFC is a substantial public bank providing a wide range of credit facilities to support development projects, such as housing, housing mortgages, tourism facilities, transportation, infrastructure and education.

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Alliance Bank of Belize Limited
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