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English is the official language of Jamaica and is spoken by 98% of the population. Patois, a mixture of English and African languages, is widely understood and spoken mainly in rural areas though its popularity is spreading to urban areas. In 2009 Jamaica had an 86.4% adult literacy rate and in the early 2000s over 16% of people aged 20-24 were enrolled in tertiary education.

A large proportion of Jamaicans are occupied in professional services: legislators, senior managers and associate professionals and technicians make up 19% of the labour force and clerks 9%. Retail and its related services such as shop and market workers account for the next largest group with 18% of the workforce followed by skilled agricultural and fishery workers (17%). Further skilled work such as craft and related workers (16%) and plant and machine operators and assemblers (6%) make up another group of the labour force and finally elementary occupations accounting for 15%.

Human Resources organisations in Jamaica
Advanced Personnel Services Ltd
B-can Business Vocational Training Network Ltd
Beckford's Employment Agency
C C & N Employment Agency
Capricorn Employment Agency
Champion Employment Agency
Dot Personnel Services Ltd
Dynamic Employment Agency
E Jam Employment Jamaica
Eclipse Personnel & Management Services Ltd
Executive Placement & Management Ltd
Hamilton Knight Associates Ltd
Home Works
Innovative Employment & Training Serices
Jamaica Employers' Federation
Manning Employment Agency
Manpower and Maintenance Services Ltd
Ministry of Labour & Social Security
Prestige Employment Service
Progressive Employment Agency
R & H Employment Agency
Sherreen's Employment Agency
Success Employment Service
Sunshine's Employment Agency
Universal Placement Services