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The primary provider of electricity in Mozambique is Electricidade de Mozambique (EDM). Mozambique is an exporter of electricity, and the Caborra Bassa hydroelectric facility generates enough electricity to enable significant exports to South Africa through ESKOM, the primary provider in South Africa. The Caborro facility is the largest hydroelectric scheme in Southern Africa. Other large hydropower plants in Mozambique include Mavuzi, Chicamba and Corumana. Mozambique is a member of the Southern African Power Pool (SAPP) and is a primary generator of electricity in the region. The African Development Fund has made a significant loan available to enable additional electricity supply in rural areas, which will benefit the Gaza, Inhambane, Tete and Nampula provinces. On home soil the distribution of electricity is a necessary focus, as the primary residential energy use consists of fuel wood and other combustibles.

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