Find Construction and Engineering expertise in Papua New Guinea

Construction accounts for almost 9% of Papua New Guinea’s GDP (2007). The government is taking the lead on stimulating construction in the country, with a particular emphasis on industrial development to establish a number of industrial estates offering tenants serviced land and the opportunity to rent industrial buildings for manufacturing purposes. The initiative is open to both domestic and foreign enterprises. The Institution of Engineers of Papua New Guinea Inc (IEPNG) and the Papua New Guinea Institute of Architects are the professional bodies. The IEPNG collaborates with the South Pacific Engineers Association (SPEA) to ensure continued development of the engineering profession in Papua New Guinea.

Construction and Engineering organisations in Papua New Guinea
Albion Engineering Ltd
Arama Construction Ltd
B&M Engineering Ltd
Bishop Brothers Engineering Ltd
C & M Engineering
Cameron Constructions Ltd
Champion Engineering Ltd
Constantinou Group PNG
Dekenai Constructions Ltd
Dieter Service Engineering
Eddie Engineering Service Ltd
Eltech Engineering Services Ltd
Fletcher Morobe Construction Ltd
FTM Construction Ltd
Global Constructions Ltd
Green Hill Investments Ltd
Hebou Construction Ltd
HG Construction Ltd
Hi-Max Engineering Ltd
Himach Industrial Engineering Ltd
Hornibrook NGI Ltd
Infrastructure Project Development
Institution of Engineers of Papua New Guinea Inc (IEPNG)
Jascon Engineering Ltd
JSI Engineering & Construction
Kair Engineering Ltd
KG Contractors Ltd
Kramer Group
Lae Builders & Contractors Ltd
Lakaka Civil & Construction
Lohberger Engineering Ltd
Lorma Construction Ltd
Morobe Engineering Ltd
Pangali Constructions Ltd
Papua New Guinea Institute of Architects
PNG Taiheiyo Cement Ltd
Rightway Constructions
Sigma Constructions
South Pacific Engineers Association (SPEA)
Tri-star Engineering Ltd