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The Water and Sewerage Company (WASCO) is a government-owned company mandated by law to develop and manage water supply and sewerage services in Saint Lucia. The country has two sewerage systems. The first is a primary sewage collection and disposal system in the city of Castries, which serves approximately 15 per cent of the greater Castries population, including the business area, and the second is a sewerage system located in Rodney Bay which includes collection, treatment and disposal, and serves residential areas and hotels. The World Bank has assisted with projects aimed to improve water supply on the island. Although tap water is widely considered safe to drink there is a market for extraction and bottling of mineral water, with Caribbean Springs Ltd and Piton Farms Mineral Water Co being leading firms in this sector.

Due to Saint Lucia’s volcanic origin, water is mainly found in rivers, wetlands, streams and springs – this is mostly used for agricultural purposes. Four major water supply systems and 19 minor water supply systems produce large amounts of the country’s water supply. The Roseau Dam facilitates the north whilst the Grace water supply system and the Beausuejour water supply system enable water in the south. These systems treat the raw water in filtration plants.

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