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Agriculture, along with forestry and fisheries, only account for 3% of the GDP of Seychelles (2010); 6.5% of land is dedicated to agricultural use and less than 1% of the population is employed by the sector (2010). Agriculture in Seychelles is limited by a lack of arable land and extreme rainfall patterns and subject to extreme meteorological events like tropical storms, floods and droughts. Primarily consisting of small farms rarely exceeding two hectares, agriculture in the country is largely subsistence-based, producing fruits, vegetables and raising livestock. The majority of fruits, vegetables, eggs, poultry and pork consumed by Seychellois are produced locally (2009).  The principal crops and produce are coconuts, cinnamon, vanilla, sweet potatoes, cassava, bananas and tuna. Traditional export crops, such as cinnamon, coconuts, patchouli and vanilla, have decreased considerably as vegetables and fruits grown for local consumption have increased. The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources oversees the agricultural industry.

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Green Acre Farm