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Seychelles has the highest percentage of forested land in Africa, with more 41,000 hectares of forest area spread over the islands, around 89% of total land area.  However, the forestry industry is marginal in Seychelles, accounting for roughly 2% of GDP, along with agriculture and fisheries.  According to the FAO, more than 45% of Seychelles’ forests are protected by national parks or conservation areas. There has been little to no deforestation or loss of forested area for the last decade, given the high level of environmental protection for forests provided by the government. Historically, forestry was a major industry in Seychelles, especially wood-fuels for copra and cinnamon distilleries. Today the limited forest products produced in Seychelles are for local construction projects but the majority of their wood products are imported, including furniture and paper products. The Department of Environment, part of the Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources and Transport, manages, conserves and protects forests in Seychelles. The state-owned Seychelles Timber Company is responsible for reforestation and operation of the government sawmill in Grande Anse. 

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