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South Africa’s capital, Johannesburg, is often referred to as the City of Gold because for years the city’s prolific gold mines made South Africa the largest producer of gold in the world. In recent years, however, China has moved into the top position (2007). Gold has become less prevalent in South Africa’s economy because of continued diversification into other sectors. In 2007, mining and quarrying contributed less than 6% of the country’s GDP. South Arica is, however, still a major mining force and aside from gold, provides the world with manganese, chrome, vanadium, zirconium and titanium. A quarter of the world’s platinum is also supplied by South Africa, and it is the fourth largest producer of diamonds. Some of the world’s major mining giants are based in or originate from South Africa. These include Anglo American Plc and its subsidiaries, BHP Billiton and De Beers.

Mining and Minerals organisations in South Africa
Anglo American South Africa
BHP Billiton SA Ltd
De Beers Consolidated Mines
Kalahari Goldridge Mining Company Ltd
Mining Industry Association of South Africa (MIASA)
Petra Diamonds