Government Ministries

The political head of each of some 10 federal ministries – such as the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Justice and Legal affairs –┬áis a minister. Ministers are appointed by the governor-general, on the advice of the prime minister, from among members of the National Assembly. Nevis has its own legislature, however the central government is responsible for overall policy formation. Every department of the government of St Kitts and Nevis is under the supervision of a permanent secretary whose office is a public office. There also exists a secretary to the Cabinet whose office is a public office and whose roles include arranging the business for, and keeping the minutes of, the Cabinet and conveying the decisions of the Cabinet to appropriate persons and authorities.

Government Ministries organisations in St Kitts and Nevis
Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries
Ministry of Consumer Affairs
Ministry of Culture and Sports
Ministry of Finance, Sustainable Development, & Human Resource Development
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Security, Labor, Immigration, & Social Security
Ministry of Health, Social Services, Community Development, Culture, & Gender Affairs
Ministry of Immigration
Ministry of Industry and Commerce
Ministry of Information and Technology
Ministry of International Trade, Industry, Commerce and Consumer Affairs
Ministry of Justice & legal Affairs
Ministry of Legal Affairs and Secretariat
Ministry of National Security
Ministry of Postal Services
Ministry of Public Works, Housing, Energy, & Utilities
Ministry of Social and Community Development and Gender Affairs
Ministry of Sport
Ministry of Sustainable Development
Ministry of Tourism and International Transport
Ministry of Transport
Ministry of Youth Empowerment, Sports, Information Technology, & Telecommunications & Post