Government Ministries

The political head of some 10 government ministries – such as the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Public Utilities – is a minister. Ministers are appointed by the head of state in accordance with the advice of the prime minister. The administrative heads of each ministry are known as secretaries to ministries and are members of the public service. Secretaries to Ministries are appointed with the concurrence of the Cabinet and are directly responsible to a minister. The highest ranking public servant holds the title of secretary to government, and is established as an office in the public service. The secretary to government is responsible for coordinating the work of all Ministries and offices of government.

Government Ministries organisations in Tuvalu
Ministry for Public Utilities & Industries
Ministry of Environment
Ministry of Communications and Transport
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Labour
Ministry of Transport, Communications and Public Utilities
Ministry of Works and Energy
Ministry of Works and Natural Resources