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Agriculture, forestry and fisheries together contribute 23% of Uganda’s GDP (2010), and 69% of land is devoted to agricultural use (2009) with some 80% of people relying on small-scale subsistence farming. Agricultural products are the major export group and make up nearly all of Uganda’s foreign exchange earnings. The country is Africa’s leading producer of coffee, and the crop contributes the largest proportion – one-fifth – of the country’s exports. The other agricultural products are tea, cotton, tobacco, cassava (tapioca), potatoes, corn, millet, pulses, cut flowers, beef, goat meat, milk and poultry. In terms of research, the country’s most respected university, Makerere, publishes the Uganda Journal of Agricultural Sciences. The Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries is the principal public agency responsible for the agricultural sector. Other important industry bodies include the Dairy Development Authority, the Cotton Development Authority and the Uganda Coffee Development Authority.

Agriculture organisations in Uganda
Jambo Roses Ltd
Kawanda Agricultural Research Institute
Makerere University
Melissa Flowers
Namulonge Agricultural & Animal Production Research Institute
National Agricultural Research Institute
Uganda Tea Association