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With several large lakes and three major rivers, Zambia is well endowed with water resources, though periodic droughts do occur in some parts of the country. In line with the National Water Policy, water supply and sanitation services in urban areas are now managed by 11 commercial utilities appointed by the relevant local authorities. The National Water Supply and Sanitation Council is the industry regulator. The National Water supply and Sanitation Council backs private participation in the Zambian water sector. The 1997 Water Supply and Sanitation Act of the National Water Supply and Sanitation Council provides for a technical advisor committee to be appointed by the council. The Act states that a local authority may establish a water supply and sanitation utility as a public or private company; a joint venture with an individual or with any private or public company; or a joint venture with other local authorities.

Water and Sanitation organisations in Zambia
Chambeshi WSC
Kafue Gorge Regional Training Centre
Mulonga Water and Sewerage Company Ltd
National Water Supply and Sanitation Council
Nkana Water & Sewerage Co. Ltd
Western Water & Sewerage