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Roosevelt-SkerritHon. Roosevelt Skerrit
Prime Minister of Dominica

The introduction of the ‘Commonwealth of Nations’ website is a development to be welcomed. It will expose readers to the rich social and political diversity that resides in the Commonwealth.

I welcome this opportunity to showcase the island of the Commonwealth of Dominica, an absolute gem in the Eastern Caribbean, located between the two French Departments of Guadeloupe and Martinique.

Though only 29 square miles long and 16 square miles wide, this un-spoilt beauty is blessed with mountains approaching 5000 ft, pristine rainforests, 365 rivers, numerous waterfalls and lakes and is now widely recognized as one of the top eco-tourism destinations in the world.

Globalisation and trade liberalisation have forced us to radically alter our development path. With the decline in the fortunes of the banana industry which sustained our economy for nearly 50 years, we are seeking to build a new economy, with eco-tourism, agro-tourism, information technology and offshore financial services as core elements of Government’s diversification programme.

In an increasingly interdependent world, multilateral institutions like the Commonwealth serve as an important forum for developed and developing countries to exchange views and develop collective approaches to complex global problems.

It is my fervent desire that you will choose to visit Dominica, not just to revel in our island’s majestic beauty and breathtaking scenery, but also to explore the possibility of Dominica as a location to invest. Our greatest asset is our resilient people who are willing, able and ready to be trained for new jobs.

Visitors to our shores have all commented on the unique scenery of our island. I promise you a visit to Dominica, the ‘Nature Island of the Caribbean’, would leave you with memories to last a lifetime.


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