Adetokunbo Obayan and Associates

Adetokunbo  Obayan and Associates is a Leadership and Organisational Consulting firm set up to provide within the African Continent Leadership and Capacity building as well as support services to ensure that organisations operating within the continent are able to maximize their potential and attain their set objectives.


Our BHAG (10 years)

To become the benchmark for one stop leadership and organizational consulting services in Africa by the range and quality of services provided

Core purpose

To assist Governments, businesses, Organisations and Individuals maximise potential, achieve set Objectives and attain Leadership. As part of the drive to achieve the objectives the firm operates on two major premises:

  1. Organisational performance is driven by the quality and capacity of the persons involved in delivering the organisations perspective
  2. Every organization requires a lot of support services to meet their various needs and the more seamlessly and efficiently these services are provided the better the organisation’s performance

To this effect we at Adetokunbo Obayan provide our clients with services in two major areas

  1. Leadership and Capacity Building
  2. General consultancy and relevant support areas

These services are driven by our team of experienced Consultants who work within a well orchestrated framework to drive what we call the 4g revolution 4g is derived from the concept that Great Organisations are built by Great people driving Great processes and structures towards Great visions.

The approach

The approach is as important as the service offered. We have developed an approach to briefs and projects that works splendidly both for us and our clients and that ensures excellent results. Our approach is characterised by the following seemingly simple steps:

  • We listen to the client
  • We assess the client’s needs
  • We deliver solutions that meet the client’s needs
  • We deliver more than the client expects
  • We display the highest levels of:
      1. Professionalism and technical competence
      2. Independence & objectivity
      3. Knowledge of the economy and our client’s business

Our approach ensures that our clients benefit immensely from our depth of knowledge and experience.