Institute of Software Practitioners of Nigeria


The Institute of Software Practitioners of Nigeria (ISPON) is a not for profit organisation established in 1999. It aims to bring about trade in software and to promote research in software technology. As such it is a key point of reference for the Nigerian software industry.


The Institute of Software Practitioners of Nigeria (ISPON) aims to promote software technology and research in Nigeria. It also supports Nigerian trade interests by promoting the exportation of Nigerian made software products and services for an international market by developing good trade relations and contacts for exporters. Moreover, by encouraging studies into the incorporation of Nigerian languages in widely-understood computing terminology, ISPON hopes to raise Nigeria’s profile in the software world and to integrate Nigeria into the fabric of software technology.
ISPON is also seeking support and collaboration from the very top level by appealing to the UN and its related agencies to attract software research and development projects to the country. This will tie in with another key objective which is to ensure that Nigerian software and technology education allows students to compete at a world class level. They will do this by encouraging educators to develop innovative techniques in their education and training programmes.

High-quality products made in within a framework of professional ethics and principles maintain the integrity of software products and services. Such good practise in software development is rewarded annually at the National Software Conference and Competition run by ISPON. ISPON identifies software design and development as key to the growth of Nigeria’s IT industry.