National Construction Council

The National Construction Council (NCC) is a Government Institution established through Act of Parliament No. 20 of 1979 and became operational in 1981. Its establishment was prompted by the need to promote the development of the local construction industry whose performance was poor.


To promote and provide strategic leadership for growth, development and expansion of the Construction Industry in Tanzania with emphasis on the development of the local capacity for socio-economic development in the changing global environment.


To be an outstanding provider of strategic leadership for the development of a sustainable and internationally competitive Tanzania Construction Industry.

Business Philosophy

NCC fully recognises and accepts its responsibility of ensuring that social and economic infrastructure projects are developed and maintained economically and that they will serve the intended objectives. Consequently it is committed to give intelligent, responsible and capable guidance to the industry in due regard. This embodies a commitment to the provision of top quality service to its customers by serving them as efficiently and effectively as possible.