Tanzania Association of Accountants (TAA)

The Tanzania Association of Accountants (TAA) is an accountancy professional organisation for accountants. TAA was established in 1983 under the Friendly Societies Act of 1954, as a members’ representative body of all professional accountants and aspiring accountants registered and working in Tanzania.

The Institute is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of members elected by Chartered Accountants on regional registers, and up to four Board appointed members. The Directors and Regional Councillors are elected for a three-year term. A third of the positions held on the Board and Regional Councils are up for election each year. The President and Deputy President are elected annually by the Board.

TAA’s mission is to provide services to and on behalf of its members in public accounting, industry, education and government aimed at facilitating their professional and social development and promote public confidence in their services.

Membership of the Association is open to professionally qualified accountants, accounting firms, accountancy training institutions and students associations who are registered with National Board of Accountants and Auditors.

Professional accountants and aspiring accountants who are members of TAA benefit in the following ways:-

  • TAA is managed by democratically elected office bearers, hence a professional accountant has a right to elect and/or be elected to the office.
  • The members have the opportunity of actively and fruitfully participating in the development of the accounting professional through TAA’s Continuing Professional Education Programmes at lower participation fees.
  • The members are continuously made aware of local and international developments in technical matters through TAA’s Professional Accountant Journal and dissemination of the international literature.
  • Membership to TAA adds one’s professional recognition by the use of designatory letters such as A.T.A.A. for Associates and F.T.A.A. in the case of Fellows.
  • By being represented by TAA nominees at NBAA Board, members have the opportunity to influence NBAA’s decision making process and to ensure that NBAA serves to the interest of the members of the accountancy profession and the public at large.