Co-operative Bank of Kenya Limited


Inclusive Banking Model for Shared Prosperity

Dr Gideon Muriuki

Dr Gideon Muriuki MBS, Group Managing Director and CEO

The Co-operative Bank of Kenya is a public limited liability company listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange. The Bank was started in 1965 by the Cooperative Movement in Kenya and began operations in 1968, offering affordable financial services to co-operatives.

The Bank has since diversified to become a full-service universal bank offering the full range of banking services including retail banking, corporate and trade finance, foreign exchange, electronic banking, stock brokerage, fund management, asset finance, mortgage, bancassurance, custodial services, registrar services – in addition to banking co-operatives.

As the premier bankers for the 10 million-member co-operative movement who owns a majority 65% stake in the Bank, the Co-operative Bank of Kenya is the face of Kenya and one of the largest and fastest-growing banks in East Africa with an asset base of close to US$3 billion and over 4.9 million account-holders.

Consistent with co-operative banking principles, the Bank pursues an inclusive banking model intended to achieve shared prosperity for the majority. To realise this, the Bank runs a wholly-owned subsidiary consultancy Co-op Consultancy Services, to offer capacity-building support to Kenya’s co-operatives to enhance their competitiveness and operational efficiencies, strategic planning, performance management and development of operating manuals and procedures. Co-op Consultancy runs hundreds of consulting mandates every year, which may explain why Kenyan co-operatives are the largest and most successful in Africa.