Index Investment Advisors Limited


Graph detailing Nigeria's GDP Annual Growth Rate: Percent Change in Gross Domestic Product Nigeria, with a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in excess of N400 billion, is one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

The current economic restructuring agenda of the government is repositioning the Nigerian economy as a destination of choice for investors. The current privatisation drive in the power sector and the massive transformation in the agricultural sector have revealed massive investment opportunities for foreign investors.

Other sectors of the Nigerian economy, such as telecommunications, building and construction, hospitality and real estate are the fastest growing sectors in Nigeria, and hold great opportunities and we therefore endeavour to broadcast these opportunities to the investment world.

Who We Are

Index Investment Advisors Limited (IIA) is an Independent Research and Business/Investment Advisory Company based in Lagos and Abuja in Nigeria, and was incorporated in September 2009 with business operations starting in March 2011. IIA is incorporated in the United Kingdom and we are about to finalise the incorporation process of IIA in New York.


Through independent investment platforms IIA has indirect interests in the agricultural and oil and gas sectors of the Nigerian economy We are known for our independence and quality of work.

We develop and deploy competitive research and business/investment models in order to ensure that our clients get value for money spent.

Advisory Service Offerings

  • We develop business plans/feasibilities through painstaking research and analysis of the business environment.
  • We provide Business Strategy Formulation (BSF), Business Restructuring (BR) and Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) to strategically and competitively focused companies.
  • We provide Risk Management Services.
  • We provide financial advisory services, such as intermediating for companies that need funding for their businesses.
  • We undertake market surveys and intelligence on behalf of our clients by deploying effective and efficient methodologies.
  • Our other advisory services include policy advocacy, performance monitoring and management and human capital development.