VFRA Africa

Peter Karimi, CEO

Peter Karimi, CEO

VFRA is an advisory, research and development firm in East Africa with its main aim to implement development solutions for projects, to facilitate and direct project and business investments as well as to manage entrepreneur development in Africa.

Learning from our experiences, we are constantly polishing our services to sustain the quality, efficiency and effectiveness we provide which has seen us maintain high referral business levels since incorporation.

Our teams provide solutions through four major divisions, which include: Finance and Investment, Private-Public Project Management, Feasibility and Research studies, and Consultancy and Advisory services.

Principal client industries include: Real Estate, ICT, Automotive, Agri-Business, Infrastructure and Government, Retail and Distribution, Manufacturing, Extraction, Oil and Gas and Business Services.

We are unique in the way we are able to integrate core services to work together to deliver the solutions required by our clients. We pride ourselves in having a team that thrives through both organisational and self-leadership, the desire to achieve given goals, focus on personal development for team success and with a strong academic knowledge base.

As a relationship firm, we work to ensure client satisfaction and the best client experience throughout our engagement with them.