Universities and Colleges in Dominica

Providers of tertiary education in Dominica can be divided into three categories state, private and external. State includes the Dominica State College a public funded institution that provides A Levels, certificates and Associate Degrees. External includes the University of the West Indies, the leading regional university in the Caribbean, which provides some first year studies and full degree programmes via its centre in Dominica. Students who finish their first year studies in Dominica can complete the rest of their studies at other centres of the University in the West Indies region. Private includes, Ross University School is a private institution providing courses for US citizens. Up to five Dominicans are allowed to enroll at Ross every year. Two other privately owned institutions, established in the early millennium, The Business Training Centre and Cimpex ISIS provide a curriculum primarily focused on business and IT. The two institutions partner with external regional institutions on some of their academic programmes. The female–male ratio for gross enrolment in tertiary education is 1.61:1 (2008).

Universities and Colleges organisations in Dominica
Business Training Centre
Dominica State College
Ross University School of Medicine in Dominica
Ross University School of Medicine in Dominica