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According to the World Travel and Tourism Council  (WTTC) travel and tourism contributed about LSL2,231.3m to the economy of Lesotho in 2011and the industry accounted for 71,500 jobs (12.3% of total employment).  This placed Lesotho 51st in the world (out of 181 countries) in respect to the relative contribution of the tourism sector to the economy, with a 14.3% share of GDP compared to the world average of 14% (WTTC 2011).  In 2010 there were 414,000 tourist arrivals.  The vast majority of these were from Africa, making up 95.35% of the total arrivals to Lesotho in 2011, followed by Europe with 3.2%.  Of African arrivals, 98% were from South Africa (Lesotho Tourism Development Corporation Report).  This generated LSL230.7m in visitor exports in 2011, constituting 2.6% of total exports.  The Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Culture is responsible for tourism.  It aims to ensure a well-managed environment and preserve the cultural heritage of Lesotho, in order to establish the country as a quality ecotourism destination.

Tourism and Travel organisations in Lesotho
Lesotho Tourist Development Corporation
Maseru Sun
Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Culture