Find Computing and Office Supplies expertise in New Zealand

As a country with a services sector that constitutes around 70% of the country’s GDP (2009) there is a large demand for computers and office supplies. There are over 500 PCs for every 1000 people in New Zealand (2006) and almost three-quarters of the population are internet users (2008). There are numerous businesses, small and large, that deal with the supply of computer hardware and software, both to individual and commercial customers. Global hardware and software companies, including Microsoft, IBM, and Apple, operate at varying degrees in the country.

There are many businesses, of various sizes, providing office supplies in the country. Large office supply companies, such as Corporate Express which is a subsidiary of Staples, aim to provide single source solutions for IT and office equipment to their customers.

Computing and Office Supplies organisations in New Zealand
Computer Concepts Ltd
Datacom Systems Wellington
Datasouth Business Solutions Ltd
Designer Technology Ltd
Edtech Ltd
Howick Office Supplies
Information Power Ltd
Inov8 Ltd
Kinetics Group Ltd
Maclean Computing Ltd
Olympic Software
Provoke Solutions Ltd
Silicon Systems
Theta Systems Ltd