Government Ministries

There are over 25 government ministries in Papua New Guinea and these are known as ‘departments’. The Constitution stipulates that there shall not be fewer than six ministers or more than one quarter of the number of Members of Parliament at any given time. All ministers other than the prime minister are appointed by the head of state, in accordance with the advice of the prime minister. The ministers’ titles, portfolios and responsibilities are determined by the prime minister, and each minister is responsible for the effective governance and functions of the duties that their department has been tasked with. The highest ranking civil servant in each ministry is entitled ‘the secretary’. Some of the key ministries include the Department of Commerce and Industry, the Department of Culture and Tourism, and the Department of Education.

Government Ministries organisations in Papua New Guinea
Commonwealth Secretariat
Department of Agriculture and Livestock
Department of Commerce & Industry
Department of Community Development, Religion & Sports
Department of Correctional Services
Department of Culture & Tourism
Department of Defence
Department of Environment and Conservation
Department of Family and Church Affairs
Department of Fisheries & Marine Resources
Department of Foreign Affairs and Immigration
Department of Forestry
Department of Health and HIV/AIDS
Department of Higher Education, Research, Science & Technology
Department of Housing & Urban Development
Department of Inter-Government Relations
Department of Justice and Attorney General
Department of Labour & Industrial Relations
Department of Lands and Physical Planning
Department of Mineral Resources
Department of National Planning & District Development
Department of Personnel Management
Department of Petroleum and Energy
Department of Police
Department of Public Enterprises
Department of Public Service
Department of Treasury
Department of Works
Office of the Minister of Works, Transport & Civil Aviation
Office of the Minister of Civil Aviation
Office of the Minister of Forestry
Office of the Minister of Internal Security
Office of the Minister of Sports
Office of the Minister of Trade and Bougainville Affairs
Office of the Minister of Transport and Administrative Services