Find Security expertise in South Africa

Private security is big business in South Africa; industry estimates maintain that the annual turnover is around R40 billion (2007). A 2007 report by the Institute of Security Studies (ISS) assessed that the ratio of private security officers to uniformed police officers was 2:1. The broad range of services provided by the industry to commercial and residential clients includes security guards, security control rooms, bodyguards, reaction services, consultancy, alarms and security systems management. Private sector security in South Africa is regulated by PSIRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority).

Security organisations in South Africa
A.N.D. Services
Accon Solutions
Adcock Ingram
Art and Son Distinction Security Services
Assured Security Solutions
Atlas Security Systems
Austen Mutual Group
B5 Security
Basix Technologies
Bauba Protection Technologies
Campus Security Services
Cellsecure Interactive Management Solutions
Censor Security & Polygraph Services
Centurion Systems
Century Security Systems
Civilian Security Services
Clause Protection
Colt Security Systems
Combined African Technology Limited
CSS Tactical
Darts South Africa
Defensor Security
Doculam Limited
Dynamic Armour & Promotions
Eagle CCTV
Ewing Security
Expol Security Services
Federation of Dance Sport South Africa
Fedile Projects
Fidelity Security Group
Force Group
Futuris Guarding Systems
Glimmer International
Global Armour
Goodwill Protection Services
Griffon Electronics
Gunnebo Limited
Hemichron Protection Services
Himax Security Services
I & J Security
Ifa Lesizwe Security
Imperial Armour
Ithemba Sky Mark Security
Jasco Electronics Holdings
John Elliott Security
Judo South Africa
Karate South Africa
Khomanani X-Ray
Lectro Group
Lifesaving South Africa
Lingweshone Limited
Logistic Protection Services Limited
Magnum Shield Security Services Limited
Martin Electronics
Moloko Group Holdings (Pty) Ltd
Motorsport South Africa
Mpefela Security & Cleaning Services
Myertal Tactical Security
Netball South Africa
Nexus Access Control Systems
Omega Risk Solutions Limited
Papamani Security Services
Peaceforce Security
Phoenix Fire & Security Systems
Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA)
Protea Coin Group
Quemic Africa
Red Security
Reho Security Services
Retail Operation Security Services
Revert Risk Management Solutions
Roller Sport South Africa
Roman Protection Solutions
Rowing South Africa
SA Fence & Gate Investment Holdings Limited
Safeguard Support Systems
Sangreal Security Services
Security & Manpower Solutions
Sensis Technologies
Servest Security
Sirius Risk Management
Snow Sports South Africa
Solar Force Electronics
South African Football Association
South African Golf Association
South African Gymnastics Federation
South African Hockey Association
South African Rugby Union
South African Sailing
South African Tennis Association
Stallion Security Property Services
Swimming South Africa
Symbol Security Solutions
Tactical Property Surveillance
The Feast Security
Thunder Chariot Risk Control Solutions
Tisa Security
Transaction Control Technologies
Ultimate Crime Prevention Services
Unit 14 Security Services
Vetus Schola Protection Services
Volleyball South Africa
Wadeville Secure Limited
Welsh & Associate's Financial Planning Services
Wright Guard Security Services