Find Construction and Engineering expertise in Trinidad and Tobago

Construction accounts for 9.5% of Trinidad and Tobago’s GDP (2008) and is a major contributor to employment. The country experienced a construction boom in the 2000s that was fuelled by the success of the oil and gas industry and initiated through government-led projects. There are over 800 registered engineers in the country. There are between 10-20 large engineering firms (over 50 professionals) and numerous small firms. The engineering sector is considered the largest and most advanced in the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). Major industry bodies include the Trinidad and Tobago Contractors Association, the Association of Consulting Engineers of Trinidad and Tobago, and Trinidad and Tobago Institute of Architects.

Construction and Engineering organisations in Trinidad and Tobago
A.P.I Holdings Company Limited
Allan Brammer Construction Ltd
Busy Builders Company Ltd
Capital Signal Company Limited
Contech Ltd
Cruze Construction Ltd
Danny's Enterprises Co Ltd
Doc's Engineering Group of Companies
Equator Ltd
Good Bil Construction
H Lewis Construction Ltd
HCL Group Ltd
Hydro Tech Limited
Hydrocarb Trinidad Ltd
Inter Isle Construction and Fabrication Co Ltd
Kennicon Engineering Ltd
Moody International Ltd
Moore's General Contracting Ltd
Namalco Construction Services Ltd
Process Components Ltd
Rainbow Constrction Limited
The Association of Consulting Engineers of Trinidad and Tobago
Trinidad & Tobago Contractors Association
United Engineering Services