Find Security expertise in Uganda

There are around 60 registered private security companies in Uganda and up to 20,000 private security personnel. Prominent security companies include Securicor Grey, Ultimate Security, KK Security and Security Group. Private security companies are required to register as companies through the Registrar of Companies and must acquire an operating licence from the Inspector General of Police (IGP). The Uganda Private Security Organisations Association is the leading industry body.

Security organisations in Uganda
Alarm Protection Services Ltd
Alart Guards
Delta Force Protection
G4S Security Services (Uganda) Ltd
Intert'nal Investigations & Detectives (Interid)
KK Security
New Uganda Securiko
Premier Security Systems Ltd
Protectorate S.P.C Ltd
Saracen Uganda Ltd
Security Group Uganda Ltd
Sekanyolya Fencing & Security Systems
Sysnet Solutions Ltd
Tight Security Ltd
Ultimate Security
Universal Security Services Ltd