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Tanzania’s telecommunications and internet industry is growing particularly in the areas of broadband provision and mobile telephony. There are 6 main telephone lines, 204 mobile cellular subscribers and 10 internet users per 1,000 people (2007).

Mobile telephony has grown very strongly, with fierce competition among the several providers. In contrast, the market for landlines and internet access has remained fairly static; and internet download speeds are very slow. However, a submarine fiber-optic cable linking Tanzania with South Africa is expected to bring much faster access. The technology infrastructure is being further improved with the installation of fiber-optic broadband cable in the areas surrounding the country’s largest cities which, it is hoped, will be extended to all educational institutions around Tanzania. The developments have been funded by the Chinese government and have received some local interest with companies from both Uganda and Rwanda signed up to access the cables. Serious and frequent interruptions in the electricity supply make provision of reliable internet access problematic.

The World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report (2012-2013) reports that, there are 0.3 fixed telephone lines per 100 people in Tanzania which ranked the country in 139th place out of 144 countries worldwide, between Rwanda (138th) and Chad (140th). In terms of mobile telephone subscriptions Tanzania ranks 126th with 55.5 subscriptions per 100 of the population.

The number of internet users is slightly higher, relative to the rest of the world in 113th place out of 144 with 12% of individuals using the internet. Broadband subscriptions are however very low; less that 0.1 per 100 Tanzanians have fixed broadband internet. In terms of internet bandwidth relative to other countries, the average international internet user in Tanzania has access to a bandwidth of 0.9 kb/s which places the country in 133rd place worldwide.

Telecoms and Internet Service Providers organisations in United Republic of Tanzania
Afsat Communications (Tanzania) Limited
Agape Associates Limited
Alldean Satellite Networks (T) Ltd
Benson Informatics Limited, Arusha
Benson Informatics Limited, Dar es Salaam
Celtel Tanzania Ltd
Dovetel (T) Ltd
Epocha & Golden Ocean (T) Ltd (EGOTEL)
ExcellentCom Tanzania Limited
Infinity Africa Networks Limited
MIC Tanzania Limited
My Cell Company Ltd
Office of The Vice President
Rural Netco Limited
Satcom Networks Africa Ltd
Seacom Tanzania Limited
Simbanet (T) Limited
Six Telecom Company Limited
Smile Communications Tanzania Ltd
Star Media Tanzania Limited (MUX)
Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA)
Tanzania Telecommunications Company Limited
Vodacom Tanzania Ltd
WIA Company Limited
Zanzibar Telecom Ltd