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Vanuatu is widely-considered by independent observers as a country with an unfettered freedom of press. The major independent daily newspapers are the English-language Vanuatu Daily Post, and the Port Villa Presse, published in both English and French. Vanuatu Weekly is published by the government in Bislama, French and English. There are various other weekly publications including The Vanuatu Independent, Nasara and Ni-Vanuatu. The state-owned Vanuatu Broadcasting and Television Corporation (VBTC) provides public TV in English and French through Television Blong Vanuatu, established with the help of Radio France Overseas (RFO). VBTC also operates Radio Vanuatu, broadcasting short-wave, medium-wave and one commercial FM station in Bislama, French and English.

A couple of websites report on news from across the Pacific: Islands Business and Pacific Islands News Association.

Media and Broadcasting organisations in Vanuatu
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Trading Post
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Vanuatu Broadcasting & Television Corporation
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Vauatu News Agency