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Travel and tourism is a growing industry in Zambia and contributed 5% of GDP in 2011, which is forecast to rise by 7.0% in 2012 according to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC). The WTTC ranks Zambia 148th out of 181 countries in terms of relative contribution of tourism to GDP, below the world average. The sector accounts for around 3.7% (58,000 jobs) of total employment, which was also expected to rise by 2.0% in 2012 (2011). Of total exports in 2011, visitor exports accounted for 2.0% according to the WTTC. There were 815,000 tourist arrivals to the country in 2010. 

Tourism and Travel organisations in Zambia
Africa Travel Association
Bonar Travel Ltd
Broadway Lodge
C & A Travel & Tours Ltd
Capital Hotel Ltd
Divine Guest Lodge
Eagle Travel Ltd
Executive Lodge
Fairview Hotel, The
Globe Travel Ltd
Golden Pillow Lodge
Holiday Inn Garden Court
Ibis Gardens Ltd
Intercontinental Hotel
Junior Leisure Resort
Junior Leisure Resort
Junior Leisure Resort
Kachelo Travel Ltd
Katuba Guest House
Kosmos Travel Agency
Leisure Bay Lodge
Little Paradise Hotel
LW Travel Ltd
Magic Carpet Travel & Tours
Ministry of Tourism
Mwiza Lodge and Hotel
Ndeke Hotel
Premier Travel & Tours Ltd
Princess Travel Agency Ltd
Royal Travel & Tours Ltd
Savannah Travel & Tours Ltd
Seed Tourism Co-Ordinator
Senanga Safaris & Lodges
Southern Sun Ridgeway Hotel
TG Travel Ltd
Tour Operators Association of Zambia
Tourism Council of Zambia
Travel Agents Association of Zambia, The
Travel International Ltd
Traveltech Ltd
Zambia National Tourist Board
Zambia Tourism Board