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Fisheries, together with forestry and agriculture contribute 15% to Dominica’s GDP (2008). Dominica’s fisheries are largely artisan, and it has one of the smallest fishing industries in the Caribbean and has a fairly short coastline of 148 km and an Exclusive Economic Zone of 200 nautical miles. The industry employs approximately 2800 individuals in the primary sector, of which about 40% are full time, and there are estimated to be about 60 vendors and processors.

Most of the catch is for local consumption and most fish landed is sold directly to the public at the landing sites by the fishermen as landings are not sufficient to support an export market. Indeed, a number of fishing vendors import fish during the off season to supply the local market.

Marine fishing is composed of long-line fishermen who target the migratory pelagics, and there are also a large number who use fish traps to target demersal species. Lobsters are also highly valued and targeted mainly for the hotel industry. The lobster catch profile largely consists of the spotted spiny lobster, the green lobster, the copper lobster and the slipper lobster.

The only inland fishery is the fresh water prawn culture industry. There were believed to be about half a dozen farmers engaged in this industry in 2005.

A major obstacle for the fishing industry, as is the case for most industries in Dominica is hurricanes.

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