Find Insurance and Reinsurance expertise in Malawi

Malawi’s largest insurance group is NICO (formerly National Insurance Company), comprising NICO General Insurance Company, NICO Life Insurance Company and subsidiaries in Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. Since it was privatised in 2003, the group has been the majority shareholder in NBS Bank. NICO offers a comprehensive range of insurance services. Other insurance providers in Blantyre are AON, Charter, Hubertus Clausis, Old Mutual, Reunion, Rhino, and Vanguard (Lilongwe).

Insurance and Reinsurance organisations in Malawi
Alexander Forbes Malawi Ltd
Aon Malawi Limited
AON Malawi Ltd
ATL Insurance Services
Central Insurance Agencies
Charter Insurance Company Ltd
Citizen Insurance Co. Ltd
City State International Ltd
Corporate Insurance Brokers
Crown Insurance Services Ltd
Del Insurance Agency
Eagle Insurance Brokers
Fidelity Insurance Assessors
G.M. Insurance Assessors
General Alliance Insurance Ltd
Global Care Insurance Services
Guardian Insurance Services
Hubertus Clausius Ltd
Laudo Insurance Services
McFreed Insurance Services
NICO Holdings Ltd
Norris Insurance Brokers
Old Mutual Malawi
Prime Insurance
Progressive Insurance Agency
Quality Insurance Agency
Real Insurance Company of Malawi Ltd
Reunion Insurance Company Ltd
Rhino Insurance Brokers
Royal Insurance Co.
Smile Insurance Co. Ltd
United General Insurance Company Ltd
Vanguard Life Assurance Company Ltd