National Agencies

Malaysia has numerous national agencies assisting the functions of the ministries and the prime minister in many social, economic and political spheres within the country; and consists of a variety of commissions, regulators, state-owned enterprises, directorates, central offices, authorities, and inspectorates. Many of these agencies were established through an act of parliament or to fulfil constitutional functions. They include, among many, the Election Commission of Malaysia, the Malaysian Industrial Development Authority (MIDA), the Malaysian National News Agency (BERNAMA), the Employees Provident Fund, the National Anti-Drugs Agency and the Malaysian National Space Agency (MNSA).

National Agencies organisations in Malaysia
Commonwealth Secretariat
Department of Standards Malaysia
Development Authority of Pulau Pinang Region
Economic Planning Unit
Institute of Diplomacy and Foriegn Relations
Institute of Diplomacy and Foriegn Relations
Invest Melaka
Invest Penang
Invest Perak
Johor State Investment Center
Malaysian Anti-Corruption Academy
Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission
MIDA (Malaysia Industrial Development Authority)
Northport (Malaysia) BHD
Selangor State Investment Centre
Tourism Malaysia