National Agencies

There are many national agencies in Vanuatu complementing the work of ministries across a variety of areas, including economic development, education, tourism, worker’s rights and the environment. The Reserve Bank of Vanuatu promotes monetary stability of the country’s economy and regulates the country’s banking industry. The Vanuatu Financial Services Commission is responsible for incorporation of companies, registration of trusts and the regulation of the non-deposit taking financial services industry. The Vanuatu Investment Promotion Agency seeks to promote Vanuatu as a unique investment climate for international companies and individual foreign investors due to our many advantages is the country. The National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) is responsible for co-ordinating evacuation, planning and awareness and rehabilitation programs to handle annual disasters such as cyclones, earthquakes, volcanic explosions and possible tsunamis.

National Agencies organisations in Vanuatu
Customs & Inland Revenue
Department of Women's Affairs
Reserve Bank of Vanuatu
Vanuatu Financial Services Commission
Vanuatu Investment Promotion Agency