Amazing Designs Limited

An AmaZing Insight

As a child growing up in the southern part of Trinidad, our principal was fascinated with dragonflies or ‘zings’ as they were locally termed in the area back then.

He admired their ability to move forward and backward, darting off at great speeds and then stopping abruptly to hover in one spot, all with seemingly little effort. Many, many hours of admiration and speculation later, he concluded that their simple design and structure made it possible for them to accomplish their amazing feats!

This philosophy impacted his psyche to the point that he began to apply it to his childhood tasks and found that the principle not only translated extremely well for accomplishing things, but that it impacted the outcomes in an extraordinary manner.

Today, the philosophy of simple forms giving way to effective function continues to guide every aspect of all of our projects at AmaZing Designs Limited. Ours is a straightforward approach to communication design; using simple creative ideas that are just what you need to successfully take your company, brand or product to the next level with ease.

Collectively, our creative team has over sixty years’ experience in communication design with many local and international awards under its belt.  However while it’s great to win awards, we believe it’s greater to win you results!

See for yourself…