Ghana Tourism Authority

The Ghana Tourism Authority is the public service agency in charge of regulating tourism in Ghana through marketing and promotion, licensing and classification of tourism facilities and services, research and development. The Authority replaced the Ghana Tourist Board in 2011 as the organisation that promotes tourism, with a specific focus on sustainable tourism. Its aim is to see Ghana become the ‘tourism capital’ of West Africa and for tourism to become the leading sector of the economy. The Ghana Tourism Authority was established by Tourism Act, 2011 (Act 817) as the main implementing body of the Ministry of Tourism.

As the implementing agency of tourism policies its functions include:

  • The regulation of tourism enterprises namely accommodation, catering, travel and charter operations through registration, inspection, licensing and classification.
  • The promotion and marketing of Tourism, both in Ghana and outside Ghana, including the publication of tourism publicity and promotional materials, and participation in fairs and exhibitions.
  • Carrying out research and studies on trends in the tourism industry both at home and abroad to aid decision and policy-making.
  • Facilitating the development of tourist facilities and products.