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St Vincent and The Grenadines

Key sectors:



A I Real Estate
Adelphi Secondary School
Aeropost St Vincent
Alexander & Alexander Land Surveyors / Real Estate
Alliance Assurance Co. Ltd
American Life Insurance Co.
Arnos Vale Medical Center
ASL Real Estate Agency
Audit Office
Bacchus Browne Kay
Baptist Bible School
Baptiste & Co.
Barnard's Realty
Barroualie Town Board
Bay Street Holdings Ltd
Beacon Insurance Co. Ltd, The
Bequia Bookshop
Bequia Community High School
Bequia Land and Home Real Estate
Bequia S.D.A Primary School 
Bequia Tourism Association
Bollers Grahame G
British American Insurance Co.
Browne & Browne Chambers
Bureau of Standards
Bureau of Standards
Cable & Wireless
Cable & Wireless St Vincent and the Grenadines
Caesar's Real Estate
Calder Primary School
Campbell Parnel R.
Cardinal Law Firm
Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute
Caribbean Homes
Caribbean Insurance Co. Ltd
Caribbean International Law Firm
Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism
Central Water & Sewerage Authority
CGM Insurance Brokers
Chamber of Industry and Commerce
Chamber of Industry and Commerce
Clico International General Insurance Ltd
Colonial Life Insurance Co. Ltd
Commercial Technical & Allied Workers Union 
Commonwealth Secretariat
Consumers International
Cox & Richards Customs & Shipping Agency 
Customs & Excise Department
Daniel Duane A
De Freitas Insurance Agencies Ltd
Defreitas & Associates
Delves Joseph A
Demerara Mutual life Insurance
Dennings Chambers
Department of Tourism
Eagles Computer Technology (ECT)
Elizabeth Law Chambers
Embassy of the Eastern Caribbean States in Brussels, Belgium
Erika's Land & Villa Agents
Evans Property Inc
FirstCaribbean International Bank
Forde Rochelle A
Franco Construction Ltd
Fredericks Attorneys & Notary Pulic
Gaymes Book Centre
George Lyndon T H Chambers
Glasgow Osborne
GMK Real Estate
Great Northern Insurance Ltd, The
Grenadine Island Villas
Guardsman Group Ltd
Gulf Insurance Ltd
Guyana & Trinidad Mutual Group of Insurance Companies
GWP Consultants LLP
Haydock Insurances Ltd
Hazells Ltd
High Commission of St. Vincent and The Grenadines in London, United Kingdom
High Commission of the Eastern Caribbean States in Ottawa, Canada
Honorary Consulate of St. Vincent & The Grenadines
Honorary Consulate of St. Vincent & The Grenadines in Munich, Germany
Honorary Consulate of St. Vincent & The Grenadines in Schaan, Liechtenstein
Honorary Consulate of St. Vincent & The Grenadines in Tokyo, Japan
Horizon Real Estate Ltd
Horne Edwards Zhinga Chambers
House of Assembly
Hughes and Co.
Immigration Department
Insurance Brokers, The
International Financial Services Authority
Isaacs Grafton C
Island Heritage Insurance Co.
Joachim Home Services
Knights Rosann ND
Layne Errol E C Chambers
Lewis A Linton Dr Chambers
Louise Mitchell Joseph Chambers
Maritime Atlantic Insurance Co. Ltd
Mayers Mafern
Mayers Milton T Consultancy Services
Metrocint General Insurance Co. Ltd
Mini Bus Drivers Association
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries and Rural Transformation
Ministry Of Agriculture, Rural Transformation Forestry and Fisheries
Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Consumer Affairs
Ministry of Grenadine Affairs and Legal Affairs
Ministry of Health and the Environment
Ministry of Housing, Informal Human Settlements, Physical Planning and Land and Surveys
Ministry of Nat. Mobilization, Social Dev., NGO Rel., Family, Gender Affairs and Persons with Disab.
Ministry of National Reconciliation, Public Service, Information, Labour & Ecclesiastical Affairs
Ministry of National Security
Ministry of Telecommunications
Ministry of Tourism, and Industry
Ministry of Tourism, Youth & Sports
Ministry of Tourism, Youth and Sports
Ministry Of Transport , Works , Urban Development And Local Government
Ministry of Urban Development, Labour, Culture and Electoral Matters
National Development Corporation
National Insurance Services
National Investment Promotions Inc
National Investment Promotions Inc
National Investment Promotions Inc.
National Properties Ltd
NEM Insurance Ltd
Nightingale Co ltd
O R Sylvester & Co.
Office of the Governor-General
Organization of American States
Permanent Mission of St. Vincent & The Grenadines to the United Nations in New York
Perry's Customs & Shipping Agency 
Phillips & Williams
Pitt Joel H
PKF - St Vincent
Property Masters
Queen Elizabeth II
Raymond Cadette Sylvester
Regal Chambers
Reliable Real Estate Services Ltd
Richmond Nature Resort Heritage Tours
Robertson & Robertson Chambers
S E Commissiong & Co. Law Firm
Saunders & Huggins Chambers
Sentry (West Indian Insurances Ltd)
Sprott Agencies & Real Estate
St Hill Insurance Co. Ltd
St Vincent & Grenadines Chamber of Industry and Commerce
St Vincent & the Grenadines Chamber of Industry & Commerce
St Vincent & The Grenadines Hotel Association
St Vincent & the Grenadines National Olympic Committee
St Vincent and the Grenadines Broadcasting Corporation
St Vincent and the Grenadines Chamber of Industry and Commerce
St Vincent and the Grenadines Chamber of Industry and Commerce
St Vincent and the Grenadines Chamber of Industry and Commerce
St Vincent and the Grenadines Human Rights Association
St Vincent Community College
St Vincent Electricity Services Ltd
St Vincent Employer\'s Federation
St Vincent Employers' Federation
St Vincent Insurances Ltd
Sun Alliance Insurance Group
SVG Television
Sylvester Nicole
Taxi Drivers Association
Teachers' Union
Teachers' Union
Terra Caribbean
The Vincentian
Theodore Browne Chambers
Thomas Sanga Jomo Chambers
Tourist Information - Canouan Island
Tourist Information - E.T. Joshua Airport
Tourist Information - Mustique Island
Tourist Information - Young Island
Trinity School of Medicine
Trotman Enterprises Ltd
Union Island Tourist Committee
United Insurance Centre
United Insurance Co. Ltd
Vincentian Publishing
Vincentian Publishing
Vingren Gas Company St Vincent Ltd
Williams & Williams
Williams Arthur F
Windward Islands Insurance
Winward Island Farmer\'s Association
Young Women's Christian Association