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Investment advisors, stock brokers, dealers, unit trusts, mutual funds and share transfer agents are under the supervision of the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC), as are listed companies . There are more than 30 companies listed on the country’s bourse, the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) which has a total market capitalization of over US$10 billion (2009). Foreign and state ownership is high in such companies. Ghana attracts most of its foreign direct investment (FDI) in the mining sector. The Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC), a government agency, facilitates local and foreign investment in the manufacturing and services sectors.

Investment Facilitators organisations in Ghana
Boulders Advisors Ltd
Capital Alliance Co. Ltd
Capital Group Ltd, The
CDH Asset Management Ltd
Databank Asset Management Service Ltd
Ecobank Investment Managers Ltd
Fidelity Investment Consult Ltd
First Atlantic Asset Mgt. Service Ltd
Genesis Management Group Inc.
Ghana Investment Promotion Centre
Gold Coast Securities Ltd
IC Securities Ltd
Ivory Finance Co. Ltd
KBA Financial Services
Merban Investments Holdings Ltd
New Globe Investment Ltd
New World Investments Ltd
Opportunity International Savings & Loans Ltd
SAS Investment Management Ltd
SEM Capital Management Ltd
Sterling Securities Ltd
Trans-Continental Financial Services Ltd
UT Financial Services
Venture Fund Management Co. Ltd