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The Ghana National Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the leading association of business operators, firms and industries promoting commercial and industrial interests in Ghana. It aims to lead the healthy growth of the Ghanaian economy and to help entrepreneurial development of companies and organisations engaged in investment, trade, commerce, agriculture, industry and manufacturing. The Chamber has a membership of over 2000 which incorporates organisations across the numerous sectors of the economy. All registered businesses in the country are offered membership and can benefit from a wide range of services including human resource development, business support services, trade fairs and exhibitions, export development, business missions and consultancy.

Other Chambers of Commerce include Ghana France Chamber of Commerce, Ghana British Chamber of Commerce and Ghana Belgium Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Trade Associations and Chambers of Commerce organisations in Ghana
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Association of Ghana Industries
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Association of Women in Development Experts
Automobile Association of Ghana
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Ghana National Chamber of Commerce and Industry
National Fisheries Association of Ghana
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