Commonwealth Education Partnerships

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The official publication of Commonwealth Education Ministers

RRP: £55

Extent: 288 pages

Format: Paperback

Commissioned and researched by Rupert Jones Parry

Country profiles researched and edited by Richard Green

Published for the Commonwealth Secretariat 

Commonwealth Education Partnerships is the official annual Commonwealth reference source designed to ensure that ministers, policy-makers, officials, educationalists, academics, researchers and  students can access official guidance on:

  • Strategies for widening access to quality education in Commonwealth member countries
  • Developments in Appropriate Learning Technologies, Open Educational Resources and ICT4D
  • ‘Best practice’ in managing the globalisation of education
  • Efforts to deliver and exceed international education goals and targets
  • Country-specific education structures and policies, including profiles of centres of excellence committed to benefitting from the sustainable globalisation of education.

The 18th Conference of Commonwealth Education Ministers (CCEM) took place in Mauritius, August 2012. Launched at that meeting, Commonwealth Education Partnerships 2012/13 addressed the theme of “Bridging Gaps” as we approach 2015. Anticipating the post-MDG/EFA landscape, this edition asks: what next for policy and resourcing; who decides the new goals; and what role will the “Commonwealth Factor” play in securing results?

The publication also contains:

  • Research, good practice and opinion from around the Commonwealth on the right to education, access and quality, and innovative financing
  • Analysis of teacher training and leadership in times of rising demand, and demographic and language change
  • International frameworks for Open Educational Resources, teacher migration and exchange, and sport for development and peace
  • Updates from small states, Africa, Asia, the Pacific and the Caribbean
  • 54 education profiles of member countries.

Published for the Commonwealth Secretariat by Nexus Strategic Partnerships.