Global: the international briefing

Viewl Global A new quarterly briefing on global affairs, written by and for world leaders RRP: £6.50

Extent: 96 pages (aprox.)

Format: Magazine

Editor: Ian Beales

Published for the Commonwealth Secretariat


Global is a new, editorially independent magazine commissioned by the Commonwealth Secretary-General. Drawing on the expertise of global leaders alongside the insights of the world’s foremost writers and thinkers, we present a reasoned and balanced mix of news, analysis, opinion and debate on the most significant international issues of the day.

At a time of momentous change and increasing uncertainty, Global is a non-partisan guide through the highly contested and often complex discourse generated by the intensifying process of globalisation in the 21st century.

Global strives to introduce original and complex ideas imaginatively and provocatively, and to communicate these clearly for the benefit of all those with an interest in world affairs – seasoned professionals and concerned global citizens alike.

Global ensures that pertinent stakeholder views are honestly represented. By deriving its content from a wide range of sources – from the elite to the street – it aims to stay at the cutting edge and to foster new thinking about world affairs.