XX Commonwealth Games


By Macieklew (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

The XX Commonwealth Games were held in Glasgow, Scotland from 23 July – 3 August 2014. It will follow in the  tradition of using sport to communicate and embody the values of the Commonwealth on the world stage. Glasgow played host to 6,500 athletes from 71 countries/territories, participating  in 17 sports and 261 medal events.

The values of the Commonwealth — Humanity, Equality and Destiny — permeate throughout every aspect of the Games. These are  best illustrated in the Athlete’s Oath:

‘We declare that we will take part in the Commonwealth Games in the spirit of true sports manship, recognising the rules which govern them and desirous of participating in them for the honour of our Commonwealth and for the glory of sport.’

The Games are an opportunity to invest in the host city; not just through sport, but by the social and cultural opportunities that the occasion brings with it. From the meeting of the diverse range of cultures, to the legacy that the Games will leave behind —  both physically and emotionally, present in both person and place.

The Games is the ultimate reunion for the Commonwealth family to meet once again: allowing member states to connect— sharing ideas and discussing the future of the association at this unique and colourful international forum.

Further information can be found at: www.glasgow2014.com.

 Sports list

  1. Aquatics
  2. Athletics
  3. Badminton
  4. Boxing
  5. Cycling
  6. Gymnastics
  7. Hockey
  8. Judo
  9. Lawn Bowls
  10. Netball
  11. Rugby Sevens
  12. Shooting
  13. Squash
  14. Table Tennis
  15. Triathlon
  16. Weightlifting
  17. Wrestling