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A June 2010 report by Global Construction Perspectives and Oxford Economics estimated that construction in Nigeria contributed 3.2% of GDP. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the percentage of total workforce in Nigeria employed in the construction industry is 0.61%, up from 0.55% in 2006. According to an independent study in 2011, a large number of workers in Nigeria’s construction industry are economic migrants from Ghana, Togo and Benin Republic. Many component manufacturing firms employ skilled workers from as far away as China. One of the largest construction firms in Nigeria is Julius Berger, which has its head office in Abuja. Other construction firms include, for instance, E. M. Micheletti & Sons and Dantata & Sawoe.

Various authorities predict that Nigeria’s construction industry has great potential. The June 2010 report by Global Construction Perspectives and Oxford Economics stated that urbanisation in Nigeria was continuing extremely rapidly, and predicted that from 2009 to 2020 only Nigeria and India will experience higher growth rates than China in their construction output. According to Business Monitor International’s first quarter report of 2012, investment inflow into Nigeria’s construction industry will attain $9.4 billion (N1.5 trillion) by 2021. However, an independent study in 2011 suggests that the current shortage of construction skills in Nigeria may prove a significant obstacle.

Factors which are driving the construction industry in Nigeria include general economic growth and increased economic activity (such as the development of the mining industry), rapid urbanisation, demographics and housing demand, and the increasing popularity of private-public partnerships worldwide. Most areas of the construction industry, such as the production of housing, remain primarily the function of the private market. Federal and state governments have also been involved in the setting of targets and the distribution of contracts. International agencies also have a role to play. In June 2010, the World Bank declared that it would invest USD300 million for the overall development of Nigerian roads.

Formal training providers of construction skills in Nigeria are polytechnics, technical schools and vocational schools. Informal training is provided by apprenticeships and on-the-job training. Certification of skills is done at state government level where the relevant ministry is supposed to test and award certificates at Grade I, II and III levels. Regulation of Nigeria’s construction industry has a reputation for being relatively relaxed. The National Building Code is a document that was signed into law in 2007 after a series of building collapses in the country, especially in Lagos. 

Construction and Engineering organisations in Nigeria
A. Micheletti Ltd
A.G. Ferrero & Co. Ltd
Absolute Project Solutions Ltd
Adland Projects Nigeria Limited
Arab Contractors O.A.O Nigeria Ltd
ASI Building Systems Ltd
B.Stabilini & Co. Ltd
B&B Construction Nigeria Ltd
BarleyField Ltd.
Bec Freres Nigeria Ltd
Best & Crompton Engineering Nigeria Ltd
Borini Prono & Co. Nigeria Ltd
Bouygues Nigeria Ltd
Brunelli Construction Co. Ltd
Bullet International Ltd
C&C Construction Co. Ltd
Cappa & D’Alberto Plc
Chris- Ejik Group
Citymark Ltd
Costain (W.A) Plc
Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN)
Daewoo Ltd
Dantata & Sawoe Construction Co. Ltd
Dredging International Services Ltd
DTV & Co. Ltd
Dumez Ltd
E.M. Micheletti & Sons Ltd
Ebcon Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd
Elektrint Ltd
Emol Construction Ltd
Fadco Ltd
Federation of Construction Industry, The
Fougerolle Ltd
Foundation Construction Ltd
Fruco Co. Ltd
G. Cappa Plc
Hademec Ltd
Hitech Industries Ltd
Impresit Bakolori Ltd
Inter-Bau Construction Ltd
J&P Nigeria Ltd
Jagal Nigeria Ltd
John Kaid Construction Ltd
Kunle Builders Ltd
L.D’ Alberto & Co. Ltd
Mothercat Nigeria Ltd
Neptune Construction Ltd
Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveyors
Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE)
Peedok Nigeria Ltd
Setraco Nigeria Ltd

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