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Freight and carriage services are available to, from and within Kenya via land, sea and air. The industry is well diversified and includes firms specialising in sensitive or perishable goods, for example exports of fresh fish to countries in the European Union. Most horticultural products are air-freighted.

The bulk of trade in and out of Uganda is carried across Kenya from and to Mombasa, the country’s main port. Managed and operated by the Kenya Ports Authority, the port is a crucial hub for international trade in the East and Central African region. Inland transportation from the port is provided by truck and train, and special railtainer services operate from the port to inland container depots. Kenya Railways handles large amounts of freight, accounting for around 80% of its income, operating on the country’s 2,066 km of railways (2008).

A wide variety of shipping services operate in the port, shipping to destinations worldwide. The port is fully equipped to handle a variety of cargoes, with a rapidly developing trade in containerised cargo. It provides 16 deep-water berths totalling over three thousand meters in length with alongside depth of ten meters. It operates Inland Container Depots, dry ports for the handling and storage of containerised cargo and empty containers, alongside extensive other storage facilities.

The primary international airport in the country is the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi, partly publicly and partly military owned. Numerous international cargo airlines run services into and out of the airport. Kenya Airways operates KQ Cargo which aims to improve the cargo capacity and develop a dedicated freighter network.

In 2010 imports of goods into Kenya totalled €11.2 billion, whilst exports were valued at €3.8 billion. The major import partners were the European Union, China and India, with shares of 15.1%, 14.9% and 13.3% respectively. The export market was also led by the European Union, with a share of 25.8%, followed by Uganda and Tanzania.

The World Bank’s Global Logistics Performance Index (2012) ranked Kenya 130th out of 155 in terms of infrastructure.

The country has a large number of freight forwarders and custom brokers, based primarily in Nairobi and Mombasa. Large international courier services, such as UPS and DHL, operate in the country alongside smaller, local firms. The major global consultancy firm Deloitte is in operation, alongside local firms such as Strategic Training and Logistics Consultants Limited.

The Kenya International Freight and Warehousing Association is the industry body. Development and regulation of the sector is overseen by the Ministry of Transport.

The World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index places Kenya 122nd overall out of 155 countries, with a score of 2.43, 45.9% of the highest performer, Singapore. In relation to customs (136th) Kenya scored below the average for both sub-Saharan nations and for low income countries. However, in terms of international shipments (88th) and timeliness (113th) it was given a value above both averages. In the case of logistics competence (118th) and tracking and tracing (130th), it scored above the average low income nation but below the average for its region.

Freight, Shipping and Logistics organisations in Kenya
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Arayason Import Export
Avenue Fresh Produce Ltd
Belt Cargo Services Export Ltd
Best Freight Conveyors Ltd
Blue Seal Freighters
Brightways Air Services Ltd
Buhayrah Freights Ltd
Cargocare International Ltd
Commercial Forwarders Ltd
Dallas Holdings Ltd
DHL International
Dominion Vegfruits Ltd
East African Express Ltd
East African Growers Ltd
Everest Enterprises Ltd
Everflora Ltd
Export Trading Company Ltd
Express Kenya Ltd
Federation of East African Freight Forwarders Associations (FEAFFA)
Four Angels Forwarders Ltd
Freight Care Ltd
Freight Forwarders Kenya Ltd
GAC Seaforth
General Freighters Ltd
Global Freight Ltd
Global Fresh Ltd
Greenlands Agro Producers Ltd
Highlands Forwarders Ltd
Hillside Green Growers & Exporters Co. Ltd
Homegrown Kenya Ltd
Homeland Freight Ltd
Insteel Ltd
International Commercial Co. Ltd
International Maritime Organisation Kenya (IMO)
Jetline Cargo Services Ltd
Jupiter Forwarders Co. Ltd
Kaylift Cargo Handling Ltd
Kenya Airways Ltd
Kenya Horticultural Exporters (1977) Ltd
Kenya Maritime Authority
Kenya Ports Authority
Libra Express Cargo
Limutti Holdings Ltd
Marshalls Ltd
Meteor Freight Forwarders Ltd
Mitchell Cotts Kenya Ltd
Mombasa Shipchandlers Ltd
Nature Grown Flowers Ltd
Network Freighters Ltd
Northwest Freight & Travel Ltd
Ocean Freight (EA) Ltd
Oceanic Cargo Agency
Orbit Express Ltd
Port Management Association of Eastern & Southern Africa (PMAESA)
Precise Logistics Ltd
Priority Logistics Ltd
Quema Freight & Shipping Services Ltd
Quick Cargo Services Ltd
Rais Shipping Services (K) Ltd
Red Anchor Freight Forwarders Ltd
Regent Freight Systems Ltd
Sacco Fresh Ltd
Sealine Freight Services
Sky International Ltd
Sunripe (1976) Ltd
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